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Savings Bond Tracker!

In today's volatile environment US Savings Bonds offer individual savers a safe and affordable alternative for those seeking to diversify their investment portfolio. With this in mind, the Savings Bond Tracker was designed to help these investors organize and value their US Savings Bond investments. This online service will track the following series of bonds: EE Bonds, Patriot Bonds, I Bonds, E Bonds, and Savings Notes.

Let the Savings Bond Tracker calculate the following for you:

  • Current redemption value
  • Total interest your bonds have earned
  • Final maturity date
  • Next interest posting date
  • Current interest rate your bond is earning
  • Your bonds yield to date

The service allows you to enter an UNLIMITED number of bonds and build an UNLIMITED number of portfolios. Each month the system will automatically update the current values of your bonds. All you have to do is login and track your investment. The Savings Bond Tracker is an easy way to track your savings bond investments, and best of all, it's FREE!

If your bonds are ever lost, stolen, or destroyed, all of your bond information will be available to you to help you get these bonds replaced.

The Savings Bond Tracker is 100% Internet based. There is no software to download. It can be used on any computer that has an Internet connection and any operating system.


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Savings Bond Interest Rates
Series EE Bonds: 0.60%
Series I Bonds: 2.20%

Rates effective through Oct 31, 2012. New rates will be posted Nov 1, 2012.


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Savings Bond Calculator

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